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Pre-Plan Funeral Services
Pre-plan funeral services Singapore By Experienced Funeral Directors / Undertakers. At Hock Koon Casket, we offer pre-plan funeral services Singapore for those that are interested in pre-arranging a funeral service. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced funeral directors that can help make pre-arranged burial or cremation process fast and straightforward.
By choosing to take the proactive step and pre-plan your funeral service; you are helping to save your family time, money, and the emotional stress that comes when making arrangements immediately after death. Each of the pre-paid funeral plans we offer is both affordable and designed to meet your family’s needs. We will provide a funeral planning checklist to help ensure you don’t forget anything.

Pre-plan funeral services Singapore commonly asked questions:

How do you plan a funeral in advance?
Quick guides to plan your funeral in advance: 1. Estimate the cost of your funeral by asking funeral directors 2. Share your funeral plan with your family so they know your wishes & preferences 3. Specify the details of your funeral ceremonies such as religion and choice of coffin 4. Set aside a budget or make financial arrangements to pay for your funeral 5. Keep aside all funeral-related documents such as wills or payment receipts 6. Notify your lawyer, spouse, partner, or next-of-kin about your pre-plan funeral
What age should you plan your funeral?
As life does not provide certainties, it is a good practice to start planning your funeral early despite most people will wait until they are in their 70s to begin considering what they will want to do after they have passed away. It is advisable that you shouldn’t take the average life expectancy rate as a guarantee that nothing will happen beforehand.
What are the benefits of a funeral plan?
Top 5 key benefits when you make a funeral plan: 1. Avoid financial burden to the living ones when you passed on 2. Ensure you get the type of funeral services you would like when you passed on 3. Provide peace of mind to your family as they can avoid making difficult and complicated decisions 4. Relieve families from emotional stress and confusion 5. Prevent families from making costly and hasty decisions